Sunglasses Always Fit

no hurries, no worries



here we are.

(To set the mood, play “Piano Man” by Billy Joel and wear sweatpants while reading this, because that’s where I was when writing this.) (also eat goldfish crackers. It adds a special something.) After three delightful whirlwind weeks in the... Continue Reading →

“Beer is proof that God Loves us…

...and wants us to be happy..." I think that is a Dave Barry quote. I love any quote that can tie together my love for Jesus and justify how much I enjoy a cold beverage with feelings. Like the great... Continue Reading →

Today as math problems. Bocce. Preach it.

80 degrees + 21 junior highers + Latin + small room = sweaty armpit stains. Super attractive!! I'm writing a letter to Secret. That product is bologna. 9 hours at work + silly busy work = needed Cheetos for lunch... Continue Reading →

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