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manifesting ideal husbands, dentists, hong kong

A few years ago, when I thought being upset about not yet being married should start in your early twenties, a friend told me that a great exercise would be to ‘manifest’ my destiny and challenge God by making a... Continue Reading →

RinR: What a Hoot Canal

Here's the joke - in Portuguese, the letter r is pronounced like an "h" in most cases. My name is Hawk-elle here. That's how I sign most of my correspondence, actually. So last night I went to the dentist, in... Continue Reading →

25 things…that are not the 25 things about me list!! haha i totally siked you out

1. Why does everyone feel the need to make up some lame excuse about why they're talking about themselves for 25 things? "everyone else is doing it" "im bored at work" "oh my gosh i can't believe im doing this!... Continue Reading →

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