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Teacher Diaries: Wow. That escalated quickly.

I love going out at night. And then I love waking up in the morning, grabbing my phone, and reliving the evening through surveying the damage caused on facebook and text messages sent when your two best friends steal your phone... Continue Reading →

57 – Musings on a cafe.

It felt a little like college this morning, packing up my papers, laptop, and red-ink pen, driving to a cafe to get some work done with a friend. Cafes are the bar of the daytime for those wishing to drink... Continue Reading →

50/365.25 – Nestled in the warm, silly bosom of family

"oh, a BOX!!! Just what I've always wanted!" "If you don't like it, or if it doesn't fit, you can take it back. I don't mind." "Is that it? Are there NO more PRESENTS for MEEEE???" During any Christmas, birthday,... Continue Reading →

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