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rachel and the terrible, horrible, rotten, no good, very bad tummy ache.

I woke up last Monday morning how I usually do - hit my snooze two times, checked social media and emails, and then got up at the last possible second to turn on the coffee. I had had to knock... Continue Reading →

25 more glasses of lemonade to fight for

       I pulled a shard of glass out of my hair at the dinner table tonight. Running my hands through my hair, I thought I had found an odd patch of dandruff, but came away with a rather... Continue Reading →

“you are the only one making yourself feel this way”

i am one of those who wears her heart on her sleeve. i can't lie very well, i can't keep a secret, i can't hold in laughter or tears. how i am feeling and what i am thinking is usually... Continue Reading →

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