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Gringa Diaries

Gringa Diaries: It’s the End of the World and I knowed it.

Captain’s Log, Day 10: Currently 36 degrees F and wiiiiiindy, battling a chest cold, have walked among PENGUINS!, seen the end of the world by road and am now sailing towards a stormy grey curtain that hides the rest of... Continue Reading →

GringaDiaries: Birthdays, Bikes, Beaches

We had an incredible day today for Dana's birthday; one of those days that makes you love life and people and traveling and your heart swells with happiness....and its still going!! We've paused to browse the internet for the moment... Continue Reading →

GringaDiaries: Gordita Loves Flores, Guatemala!

Best convo....We go to a beach called la playa de los gringos, or white folks beach, and hang out there. Yesterday a man came up to me and started talking and talking. I sorta remember being introduced to him and... Continue Reading →

GringaDiaries: I’m in Guatemala!

I made it! after moving right past stressed out about the trip and straight through to panic, to almost leaving m passport at home, I boarded eight million planes and on Latin American time (read: an hour late through everything) we arrived... Continue Reading →

Gringa Diaries: Inkan Trail Day Four….and we didnt take the train because…..?

Day Four! Its finally here! I remember sometime in the distant past, months and months ago, looking up things about the Inkan Trail online, and thinking how cool it all sounded on the world wide web machine, and how excited... Continue Reading →

Gringa Diaries: Inkan Trail Day Three

Day's Theme: I think I hate the Inkas. I definitely hate their trail. Having survived Dead Woman's Pass without actually physically dying, being treated to banana flambe and pisco sour by our lovely cooks, and camping in the looming shadows... Continue Reading →

Gringa Diaries: Incan Trail Diary Day 1!!!

Climb of Death, a Diary Day One: Theme - It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop. Right? Totally excited! Woke up, packed all things, did a bit of readjustment for the approxiamately... Continue Reading →

Gringa Diaries: Inkan Trail Diary Day Two

Theme: I am in shape. Round is a shape. Today is suppsed to be the hardest day...people cry on this day. I figure I am probably going to be one of those people. Five hours, 12 kilometers, straight uphill, and... Continue Reading →

Gringa Diaries: Pooped in Peru

So....turns out altitude sickness is NOT A JOKE. Your mind is telling you you can carry your packs and walk normally, and your body is like, you are caraaaazzzyyyy I can´t breathe homie! Also not fun, having a flu while... Continue Reading →

Gringa Diaries: Peru, Peru, I <3 You

Confession: I heart airplane food. Why is it so weirdly good? Another question: Why are all airplane movies so horrible? Usually with B listers like Brendan Frasier or Jennifer Love Hewitt and are about time travel or star an animal.... Continue Reading →

Gringa Diaries: Bye Panama! Hello Peru!

Aw man I love Panama. I'm so glad we've spent quality time here. Tomorrow morning another nice wake up call at 4 something am and then flying to Miami to fly to Peru. I'm confused about the Miami airport part,... Continue Reading →

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