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Kentucky Road Trip

So last week, I couldn't take it anymore and decided to get in my car and drive. I went to Hanging Rock park, because I had always wanted to hike it. It was very pretty, but what is a "moderate"... Continue Reading →

This weekend I hosted a friend from high school as she was interviewing for residency at Duke to become a head and neck surgeon. We met up with another girl from high school, who works as a death penalty lawyer,... Continue Reading →

Oh, I’m running to your arms…

Question: How do you spell the letter "H" ? Question: Who is the hottest Disney princess? Question: Who is the most awesome Disney sidekick? Question: How much can high school boys eat? if i hadn't thought about these things before... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Things I Wish I could tell 16 year old Me

I read a quote once that says its not fair that we have to live life backwards. If we had the wisdom of the elderly and "de-aged" if you will back into younger years, we might appreciate life more. We'd... Continue Reading →

The lost art of renting a movie

When we were very little, my sisters and I walked to the movie store with my mom. It was just down the street from our house. As we were leaving out the door, a man flashed us. I didn't see... Continue Reading →

22/365.25 – Facebook friends…or are we? Part 2

I mentioned in the previous post the cathartic experience of defriending people who, in retrospect, didn't know me well enough to realize I didn't want to partake in their online farming and fishing fantasy world, so we weren't really friends... Continue Reading →

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