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RintheBay: So long, sweet summer

Thirty days in the States and the following has come to my attention: It’s super weird to wear shoes inside the house. Ranch is the best flavor. It’s nice to feel like a normal-sized person. It’s nice to wave and... Continue Reading →

Lombock to the Future (your girl is in indonesia)

Ten years ago I was going through a thing - I was working at an awesome weekly newspaper in my college town, waiting tables, living the dream. I danced downtown Tuesday through Saturday and in drum circles and at sunsets... Continue Reading →

therapy: the gym and a crush

It's been so long that I'm not sure. Maybe they do it differently these days, and I've been out of the game an age, but . . . there is a strong possibility I have been flirted with. Lemme 'splain.... Continue Reading →

Gringa DiariesÑ First of all, Mom, I{m fine.

So like, a word of advice 0 if you are traveling alone, especially as a woman in a foreign country, and you need directions somewhere, 10 out of 10 don}t ask the cute guy at reception. 10 out of 10... Continue Reading →

R2R: A million miles, in the mud, UPhill, BOTH ways . . .

This weekend I went on my first backpacking trip in Brazil. It was something I had signed up for in September, when everything sounds like a good idea. The trip was postponed, and rescheduled, and then it was rainy season,... Continue Reading →

29 – Birthday Reflections

Another birthday has come and gone...I entered the last year of my twenties struggling to wake up in a hotel room in a casino. That sounds much more exciting than the reality, which is that I was waking up at... Continue Reading →

261: Donner Lake in photos

230: Top10! Things I loves about Portland

This year, instead of subjecting ourselves to the nausea-inducing New Year's Eve cliche, chronically single best friends Ryann and I embarked on a road trip to change our lives and get us away from the typical. We headed up to... Continue Reading →

GringaDiaries: Livin la Vida Lago

We haven't had to deal with cockroaches or anything nasty for a while, so I guess we had it coming when our room was infested with bedbugs. Natasha is bearing the worst of it, a scary looking rash climbing up her arm.... Continue Reading →

Gringa Diaries: Inkan Trail Day Four….and we didnt take the train because…..?

Day Four! Its finally here! I remember sometime in the distant past, months and months ago, looking up things about the Inkan Trail online, and thinking how cool it all sounded on the world wide web machine, and how excited... Continue Reading →

Gringa Diaries: Inkan Trail Day Three

Day's Theme: I think I hate the Inkas. I definitely hate their trail. Having survived Dead Woman's Pass without actually physically dying, being treated to banana flambe and pisco sour by our lovely cooks, and camping in the looming shadows... Continue Reading →

Gringa Diaries: Incan Trail Diary Day 1!!!

Climb of Death, a Diary Day One: Theme - It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop. Right? Totally excited! Woke up, packed all things, did a bit of readjustment for the approxiamately... Continue Reading →

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