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Teacher Diaries: “I like the new teacher girl.” (286)

I made it through my first week of special ed summer school, and as a reward, came down with a case of strep throat. (Side note: if you need a new diet trick, google images for "strep throat." Appetite will... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: I am the Students I Hate (284)

I finished my third year teaching junior high Friday! Yay! And because we wouldn't want the fun to stop there, I spent Saturday in a teaching seminar! Yay! (By "yay" I meant I was mostly daydreaming about margaritas and pool... Continue Reading →

TeacherDiaries: How to have a Great Parent/Teacher Conference

Today I had roughly sixty parent/teacher conferences. Some with both parents present, some with the child present. Most were fanTAStic. Some were awkward. One was horrifying. And I thought to myself, "Self, some of these parents need some loving (or... Continue Reading →

the teacher becomes the student…

Saturday is THE.DAY. CSET testing day. Five Hours. 162 multiple choice questions, 11 short essays, covering Columbus to genetics, quadratic equations to your mom, and everything in between. If I pass, things are great. If I don't....there will be ___________... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: Wow. That escalated quickly.

I love going out at night. And then I love waking up in the morning, grabbing my phone, and reliving the evening through surveying the damage caused on facebook and text messages sent when your two best friends steal your phone... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Things I Wish I could tell 16 year old Me

I read a quote once that says its not fair that we have to live life backwards. If we had the wisdom of the elderly and "de-aged" if you will back into younger years, we might appreciate life more. We'd... Continue Reading →

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