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Teacher Diaries: Your child is doing satisfactorily…at driving me bananas. Or, “Things I wish I could say on report cards.”

Twice a semester we as teachers are given the assignment to report on each student's individual progress in their academics, social, spiritual, physical, etc-eral well-being in school. So, six times a year, I'm suppose to think of 146 clever and... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: Year One – Almost done! and more things I wish I hadn’t said…

Two and a half more weeks and I have survived my first year of teaching junior high Latin! Wow. Fastest year of my life. There were times I thought I wouldn't make it...either I'd get fired for saying something crazy... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: Really, I promise I talk about more than food in my classroom. We learn stuff.

After writing 146 somewhat clever and personalized progress reports for the junior high children, I had the pleasure (and sometimes pain) of meeting with something like 106 parents in the living nightmare known as "Conferences." To say my brain felt... Continue Reading →

UnEmployed Diaries: CBEST of me

In a nice little active step towards something that resembles future employment, I took my CBEST today to be qualified to substitute teach! I think I might like teaching. Which is another way of saying I don't ever want to... Continue Reading →

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