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RachelinRio: the little different things

I'm stoked to share this unique "teaching abroad in an international Christian school" experience with a large group of newbies. We’re awaiting a couple from Romania, and we have five Americans, one Canadian/Brazilian (Cabrillion? Brazadian? He rides a moose to school.... Continue Reading →

RacheltoRio: The One Where Brownies are Important

One day until I board a plane and leave for Brazil! oh. em. goodness. Absolutely all my prayers were focused on being able to pick up the visa today (Friday). Because my flight is on Sunday. There was no room for error. To get... Continue Reading →

RacheltoRio: What I Take With Me and What I Might Find There

"What are you bringing with you?!" is one of the first things people ask when they find out I'm leaving the country for a few years. I only have 15 days left to figure this out. And we all know how good... Continue Reading →

Rachel to Rio: It’s Getting Real

I've officially purchased my ticket to Brazil. I have an actual date (a week after they wanted me there, but did you know that getting a work visa requires the blood of a virgin and dragon fire and all kinds... Continue Reading →

I’m home. :)

Eight days, nine states, four thousand miles. Countless bathroom breaks. Countless "absolutely never driving through Texas again" comments. Countless coffees. But we made it home. Seghs, driving companion extraordinaire, landed on a Friday afternoon, documented here. I slept about two hours... Continue Reading →

The One About Packing and Moving Again

Dear Self, You are moving! In just a few sleeps! You need to pack! Downloading the next book in the series you are reading was not a good idea. Deciding to aggressively watch a bunch of Netflix before someone changes... Continue Reading →

Skype is to Mullet as…anyway, I have an announcement.

Did that title work for you? Here's the thing! I had my second interview today via Skype for a teaching position. In Rio de Janeiro. Which is in Brazil. !!!!! And I think it went well. !!!!! Skype interviews are crazy.... Continue Reading →

Carolina Diaries: Moving and Settling In

It's been two weeks since I dropped my mom off at the airport and we both pretended not to cry and not to care. I've slowly unpacked all the boxes, which has been kind of like Christmas. The clothes are hung... Continue Reading →

Why I Won’t Live with My Boyfriend

Fifteen days ago, I drove from California to North Carolina, to move with, but not in with, my boyfriend. Leading up to this move, everyone assumed we were moving in together, and seemed shocked we weren't. Or, they didn't seem shocked, and... Continue Reading →

Carolina Diaries: Finding a New Home

Anyone who has ever used Craigslist to find a new roommate or a new place to live knows that it's a crapshoot. Once someone came to our interview saying she was really glad I had laundry machines, because "I just hate... Continue Reading →

It’s all Happening! (I might be terrified.)

This is my last day in California. In less than 24 hours, I will be driving, and driving, and driving to North Carolina and living there until...I don't know when. And living I don't know where, with I don't know... Continue Reading →

The One Where I Move Back Home for a Bit

I am moving to North Carolina in TWO DAYS. As my lease ended in June, I've had to haul my life to my gracious mother and step-father's house, and pretend to not feel awkward about it for the last two... Continue Reading →

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