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RinR: Adventure is always out there

Warning: a blog such as this will make you ask yourself - "is there anything Rachel won't blog about?" The short answer is no, not if there is a funny story to tell. Happy Hallowiener everyone! Happy November! Happy almost... Continue Reading →

RinR: Eu falo português! -ish

After six months of classes, we have graduated from beginner Portuguese to intermediate Portuguese! Yay! I can't believe it. In order to pass into the next class, we each had to deliver presentations with Powerpoints for at least five minutes,... Continue Reading →

RinR: Feelings under an Eyelash Moon

But I'm at that age (and these feelings come and go in waves and seasons for me) where I wonder if I spent my whole life feeling self-conscious about what we gently refer to as "child-bearing hips" for nothing...

RacheltoRio: Learning Portuguese, just in cases.

"I am not Chinese. She is not Chinese. We are not Chinese. Are we Chinese? That's my marker. That is my desk. She is a professor. How do you write your last name? Is your mom Russian?" Yeah. If you want... Continue Reading →

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