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This Week in Things

Without hesitation - "I never rob banks. Or see dragons." #teachinglife

RinR: I Tour Guide Real Good

We live in a changing world - my first big trip through Europe I was scrambling for Euros whenever I spotted an internet cafe to quickly write error-laden emails home (due to whatever language keyboard quirks I was dealing with)... Continue Reading →

RacheltoRio: Learning Portuguese, just in cases.

"I am not Chinese. She is not Chinese. We are not Chinese. Are we Chinese? That's my marker. That is my desk. She is a professor. How do you write your last name? Is your mom Russian?" Yeah. If you want... Continue Reading →

RacheltoRio: An Update, a Lock In, a Schedule.

Today I celebrate one month in Rio! And I am happy and I am at peace. It's not all rainbows and caipirihnas and capybaras, but I'm content for the first time in a year. I haven't cried in a month, which is a record... Continue Reading →

RachelinRio: the little different things

I'm stoked to share this unique "teaching abroad in an international Christian school" experience with a large group of newbies. We’re awaiting a couple from Romania, and we have five Americans, one Canadian/Brazilian (Cabrillion? Brazadian? He rides a moose to school.... Continue Reading →

RacheltoRio: One week of super legal

Today marks one week in Rio! Highlights: Apartment life: Is fun. We have an elevator. Which makes me feel fancy. Our space is not exactly clean or organized or decorated yet, but there is a hammock, which is the world's... Continue Reading →

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