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BookReview: A Year of Biblical Womanhood – an Unexpected LOL.

My boyfriend went to Canada a few weeks ago, and told me over the phone he had bought me a present that he couldn't wait to give to me upon his return. I have visions of cute little maple-leaf things,... Continue Reading →

Oh, I’m running to your arms…

Question: How do you spell the letter "H" ? Question: Who is the hottest Disney princess? Question: Who is the most awesome Disney sidekick? Question: How much can high school boys eat? if i hadn't thought about these things before... Continue Reading →

Today as math problems. Bocce. Preach it.

80 degrees + 21 junior highers + Latin + small room = sweaty armpit stains. Super attractive!! I'm writing a letter to Secret. That product is bologna. 9 hours at work + silly busy work = needed Cheetos for lunch... Continue Reading →

143 – Means “I Love You” in Pager Code. Perfect!

A dear, dear friend, Robyn Bickerton (or "Bickertwin," as we like to tease them) is right now lying in an induced coma at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara. She goes to college in Westmont, and was driving back up the... Continue Reading →

Raquel ama Nicaragua!

I never thought I´d be ringing in 2009 locked inside a religious compound in urban Nicaragua, streets exploding with home made firecrackers and singing praise songs into the night with a bunch of people I´ve grown up with at church,... Continue Reading →

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