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Teacher Diaries

RinR: The Week in Funny Things

I like to video my ELL kids every few weeks so that I can see progress. This week I asked one of my kinders "How old are you?" and he answered "Monday! Monday Tuesday. WizzdayTursdayFriday." "Oh! I didn't know you knew the... Continue Reading →

RachelinRio: the little different things

I'm stoked to share this unique "teaching abroad in an international Christian school" experience with a large group of newbies. We’re awaiting a couple from Romania, and we have five Americans, one Canadian/Brazilian (Cabrillion? Brazadian? He rides a moose to school.... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: The Little Things

As a teacher, many images come to mind when I think of things that may "define" me. You can probably think of them, too. Meetings, emails, grading papers, ink all over my hand, students, brown bag lunches, the copy machine,... Continue Reading →

110 – Teacher Diaries: Update and Toegate

Toegate Update - Day Eight - By Miss Weight - so much rhymage!!!!! So, my toe is all growed up from a bad bruise to a hematoma!! Which sounds like a tumor but its not a tumor. Its just a... Continue Reading →

12 – Teacher Diaries: I think I LIKE like my job today.

Junior highers are so presh sometimes. Remember being at that age? Their hormones are the driving forces behind everything. They look like little adults, they think they are little adults, but they still have a loooong ways to go. One... Continue Reading →

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