So Lent started last week on Ash Wednesday.I remembered it was Lent when I was at the gym and kept seeing people with gnarly birthmarks on their foreheads. Birthmarks made of ash.

I’m Christian, not Catholic, so I have no guilty complex about having to participate, but its always fun to try and challenge yourself. I tried giving up chocolate. That lasted about six hours. Some years I’ve tried giving up wine, or social networking sites, or makeup. I’ve known people who did crazy things like give up looking in mirrors, or text messaging, or cheese or sugar entirely.

This year I’ve decided to do something different. Instead of giving something up, maybe I’ll try taking something oooon. Like…everything YOURE giving up. I think Lent would be a lot more fun for me if I did that. And it sure would make it easier for you. So really, its an at of selflessness, which I think is the point, anyway, right? So hand me your ice cream, your cocktails, and your chocolates. Let me send that text message and go shopping for you. This year, Lent is on me. Love, Rachel