Due to the SF Giants being in the World Series again this year, I’ve experienced a huge boost in blog hits (something like 4,000 in the past week alone) simply because people are googling for “brian wilson’s girlfriend.” First – HELL YEAH! Second – I have been too busy to blog and I’m also not so sure how my actual boyfriend feels about that statistic, so i thought it was only fair i took a break from my regularly scheduled friday night meltdown, and throw a blog out there in the atmosphere.

Facts: Giants are in the World Series. I seriously did not think that after the season we have had, with Brian having the Tommy John, Melky being a ‘roiding idiot (although…he doesn’t speaky the English too well and I want to give him a shadow of a doubt!) and Timmy apparently paralyzed from pitching well the first four innings of any game.

We’ve hired these crazy guys this season – Pence, Scutaro, Pagan, Blanco, etc., who have become our rocks. Wild eyes, rugged good looks, sexy accents, crazy hits/steals/catches/facial hair and they are just leading us to victory. I love it.

Of course, our old favorites are still around. Panda freaking KILLED IT at World Series, Game 1. Historical game, and I got to go, thanks to my YOLO Gma. Here are some pics and a video:

Brian Wilson plays tune on teammates’ head.

freaking love it.

me and the Gma.

sisters :)

actual boyfriend…NOT brian wilson. but very similar. :)

door to my classroom, decorated as a present, day I went to World Series game!