ImageNice thing – had a long shift at work today…but really cool tables and I worked with some fun peeps. As we shut down the restaurant, I was waiting at the bar to do my checkout, and just talking with some of the guys. I can’t remember what question they asked me, or what my response was, but they laughed, and the bartender, who is this extremely attractive black male with a voice that could make a wolverine purr (and is studying to be a radio broadcaster!) turned to me and said, “You just get more interesting by the moment, you know that?” I actually turned around to make sure he was talking to me. It was truly the greatest compliment I have ever been paid. And I realized that more than anything, I would want to be thought of as interesting. More than pretty, or thin, or smart. I want to be known as interesting, and funny, and kind. I’m just gonna aim for those. Being thin takes too much effort and focus. Ain’t nobody got time for that when I can be interesting. And eating cookie dough.

Tweets of the Week:

  • I dream of a world where I can walk through a mall wo being aggressively hounded by kiosk people selling nothing I want but touching me. Boo.
  • I love being irresponsible.
  • Relationship status: shaking the screen to watch the stars jump around inside the coffee cup on my @Starbucks app.
  • Experiencing intense cravings for a Capri Sun right now… What is that about.
  • I think the lifespan of my ponytails is about, oh, three days.

Can I say something about the aggressive mall kiosk people? I had to go to the mall the other day to get some new work pants. I wanted in and I wanted out. And I was harassed by these teenagers hawking hair straighteners, cheap scarves, nail buffers, phone cases, etc. If I want what you’re selling, I’ll come find you, I promise. I don’t need some 17 year old boy to call out “honey, come here and let me help you with that hair!” or a strange woman grabbing my hand as I walk by and trying to squirt lotion into it. Another one was calling to me from phone cases, I think, and when I didn’t respond, she switched to Spanish. Listen, darling – I’m ignoring you because I don’t want your stuff, not because I don’t understand you. And then they get all pouty and even rude when I  keep walking. There are so many of them, I just don’t have time to be polite to each one. I know this is so firstworldproblems, but I propose that all malls enact a “kiosk people free time zone” where you can shop without being attacked. I just want one hour a day where I don’t have to worry about offending someone because I’m not interested in their little bonsai waterfall gardens.

Reading: Divergent – finished in like five seconds and had to immediately download Insurgent. So good.

Thanking: My mom and aunt Suzy, who sent me a care package of goodies.

was this really just three months ago?
was this really just three months ago?

Strange that: I’ve been single for a month now. I’ve been living in Durham for three. Somehow this all still feels very surreal. It’s easy to think I’ve just moved houses, and can drive to go see my mom and sisters when I want. Or I will go to Target and run into ten people I know.

Anticipating: I think I might take myself to the movies again tomorrow. That was a fun date. :)

Loving: Fires almost every night. I have graduated beyond using starter logs. Makes me feel pretty badass. My roomie was a little shocked at how much of the wood I’ve gone through, tee hee.

I’m tired from work…I just wanted to make a blogskies. Also – take your mouse and swipe back and forth along the page…do you see the snow? It follows you! Adorbs.

It feels good to fall exhausted into a freshly made bed. That is also covered in laundry, because I am too lazy to fold it and put it away, when I will eventually wear the clothes at some point this week.

sweet dreams, world.