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Getting Over the Fear of Flying

A few months ago, my sister and I had a plane incident. This involved an engine exploding outside our window and making an emergency landing, and me thinking I was going to die for about twenty minutes. To force myself... Continue Reading →

Traveling Alone (but not lonely!) in London

While in London, a city I have been to before, I just wanted to walk. I was so excited to be off the tour bus, out of a hostel (getting a bit too old for bunk beds and drunk strangers stumbling... Continue Reading →

The One About Traveling Alone – The Pros

Traveling alone, especially as a woman, can seem like a TERRIBLE idea (ask my mother). There are some downsides to it, (as I discuss with a sense of humor here) but it can be really awesome. It was something I always wanted... Continue Reading →

Ireland in Pictures and Stories

My favorite places in Ireland were Connemara (beautiful scenery and Kylemore Abbey), Glenveagh Castle (we just don't have castles in America like we should!), Carrick A Rede rope bridge, Giants Causeway, and the tours of Derry and Belfast that taught... Continue Reading →

What I <3 about Ireland – Trip Highlights

Tomorrow I finally leave Ireland, after a week of solo traveling here. Time has been fast and time has been slow, but I have really loved this adventure. Here are some highlights: Accents - is it just me, or is... Continue Reading →

The One About Traveling Alone – The Cons

This Ireland-England-Spain before I'm 30 Trip o'Dreams has made me think a lot about traveling in general, and me traveling specifically. One of the things I've loved most about traveling has been meeting people and figuring out things about yourself,... Continue Reading →

Slainte! Days 1-3 of Ireland Travel

Day two...or is it three? Ireland is green, friendly, loud, drunk! I survived my flights here with the help of the hilarious couple next to me, Emma and Artur. They looked about 14 years old, maybe 20, and had met... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Hot British Actors

When one speaks with a British accent, you sound instantly more clever and attractive. Fact. Your IQ level hasn't changed a whit, and your teeth may be in twelve different directions, but you sound like a philosopher, a poet, a... Continue Reading →

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