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How To Write a Country Song – Guns, God, and ‘Murica

I I guess about 12 or 13....squeezing into my dad's Toyota pickup. A 1988 grey, with no cab, so me and my two sisters would (probably illegally) cram in the front seat with Dad on the way to school... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Things I <3 about being Alone.

I have been psychologically tested by online surveys and surprise surprise.... I'm an extrovert!!!!¬†From the Latin "extr-" meaning "out of" and "vert" meaning "to turn." So I like to "turn it all about." I am a human hokey-pokey. If you... Continue Reading →

103 – I think I have a fever…

....BIEBER FEVER! Aw dangit. I have joined the legions of crazy fans all over the world whose hearts are moved by promises of there being "one less lonely girl" because of that hair flip, that purple hoodie, those 12 year... Continue Reading →

96 – Monday Round UP

Fav moment of the day - one of my eighth grade boys said he had a birthday present for me...I was to close my eyes and stick out my hands. This is not something you normally do around 13 year... Continue Reading →

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