2012 Spring Training

UPDATE: April 16, 2014

As you might know, Brian has been brought up from the DL for the Dodgers. I saw him last night at the Giants game (literally teared up) and he was pretty emphatically booed by the crowd when he began warming up in that awful blue uniform. He didn’t actually pitch last night, but according to the paper, his coaches say he’s looking at lot better after taking time off to deal with elbow irritation. He’s had two Tommy John’s so. We can expect the irritation.

His beard was still glorious, and he danced around a little nervously during the opening ceremonies that were in honor of Jackie Robinson day. I would have given anything (like a really long hug) to know what he was thinking, standing on that field, being booed by the crowd that had once loved him so. We turned him into a legend. I respect that he still just wants to play the game…it just hurts that it has to be with the Dodgers.

With my sister in the first row!
With my sister in the first row!

In other fun Giants-related news, I got to sit in ROW ONE last night, feet away from Buster Posey, Sergio Romo, Timmy, Machi as they warmed up in the bullpen. It was a complete surprise to me, and seriously cool. The game went well past midnight and we left at the top of the 11th to listen to the rest on the way home and then eventually watch the Giants finally win. It was awesome. AND Rich Aurilia, my first real Giants crush, is now following me on twitter. Eeeee!!! :)



A small word about Brian leaving the Giants for the Dodgers My Official post of HeartBreak can be found here.

Obviously, when I got the news, my heart shattered into a million pieces. I wasn’t too surprised that he wasn’t getting resigned by the Giants. Afterall, second Tommy John surgery, and they’ve had a bit of beef. But I am pretty upset that it’s to the DODGERS. Our SWORN ENEMY.

What could be worse? Only the Yankees, maybe, but I think Wilson’s facial hair automatically disqualifies him.

I was so upset with the news, I UNFOLLOWED HIM ON TWITTER. If that doesn’t say feelings are hurt, then I don’t know what.

How will we react when we see him again, now as our nemesis? I have yet to think of a cheer as satisfying as the one for the traitorous Juan – “BOOOOOOO RIBEEEEE!!!!”

is the dream finally dead?!
is the dream finally dead?!

But if we Giants fans are anything, it’s clever and good-natured and loyal and heart broken omg I really can’t believe it Brian don’t go!!!

Insert a million sad faces.

Now back to the archives and information.

Many people arrive on this site searching for information about the man, the myth, the legend, Brian Wilson. I am more than happy to share some of my wealth of knowledge, and definitely all my loving posts about the WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS and their enigmatic closer, BWils.

Here are links to a bunch of posts I’ve dedicated to him, and my favorite pictures. Scroll down further for news items about Brian. At the bottom you will find a fantastic slideshow of several of my favorite photos of my boyfriend Brian Wilson, ripped from different places on the internet machine.

Stay delicious, my friends. Oh and you’re welcome.

  • My 100th post, dedicated to Brian Wilson – this post talks about all the ways people arrive on my site looking for Brian-related information, ie his catch phrases, tats, and our future together.

Recent News Stories, Links, other blogs I’ve written….

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March 11, 2012 – Brian finally made his Spring Training debut for 2012…threw nine pitches, six strikes. Bochy commented that he seemed “pretty proud of himself for those nine pitches.” He’s also clearly lost some weight and looks better than ever. And I never thought I could say something like that.

February 19, 2012 – Brian Wilson is announced as part-owner of Lucky Strikes Bowling alley, set to open up as a swanky booze/bowl soiree across from ATT Park. Supposed to be super hard to get in…I will probably try and stalk Brian there and report back.

February 18, 2012Bochy talks Wilson, Huff, Sanchez, and Spring Training


Brian has a twitter account and he recently uploaded a pic of himself as he is about to  return opening kick off :) So awesome.

Brian apparently has too much time on his hands during this offseason (sniff sniff…I miss orange October!) and has been peddling Chalupas and random internet things. But, because I love him so, I forgive him for selling out and being the voice of a company like Taco Bell. Also, his commercials are Hilarious. And he’s gorgeous. So there.

  • Link to video featuring Brian Wilson and other “celebrities” arguing that Ed Lee is 2 Legit 2 Quit being Mayor of SF….pretty great…..click here. Make sure you check out the bloopers of Brian dancing!!
  • Link to all commercials – here. Scroll down for the Taco Bell commercial video.
  • Things I’m definitely NOT OKAY WITH….Brian was spotted celebrating his 29th birthday with some coeds at Arizona….dressed like hos. Seriously. COED magazine is even offering $20 for whoever can identify a blonde with particularly large….assets. I’m not impressed, Brian. Not. Im. Pressed.
BWils with the Nike Air Mag
  • Brian with the Nike Mag Shoes – Brian recently won a pair of the shoes known as Nike Air Mags, aka the shoes that Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future II and they are BOSS. Insert photo of Brian wearing them in the dugout…
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