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I'm sharing in Chapel next week. Our theme is "Missionaries" and mission trips have completely shaped my life for the last seventeen years. In case some of you don't know the story, I thought I'd practice my chapel share a bit here.... Continue Reading →

For a boy. A Series. Part One.

His name was Aaron. Something about the way that he debated with our Global Studies 101 professor made me all twitter pated. Later that week, biking out to Sandspit Beach, I pedaled past him and a friend. He was as... Continue Reading →

TeacherDiaries: Racism.

Today in Spanish class, one of the activities asked where one could learn Spanish in our community, and what were some reasons why one would want to study Spanish. One student, who is definitely smart, funny, and mature, answered "well, all... Continue Reading →

Being Sick and Stuff

Being sick is a pain. But there are also parts of it I enjoy in some sort of sadistic way. I've been feeling icky since about Tuesday night; headache, and that feeling you get where your brain is fuzzy, body feels... Continue Reading →

GringaDiaries: Mishaps, Bug Bites, Dark Alleys in Honduras.

I thought I had paid my dues to the travel gods in Livingston, when someone in our hostel stole my ipod. Turns out no. A few days ago, Natasha and I said goodbyes to our travel buddies and we decided... Continue Reading →

GringaDiaries: Peeing in Wetsuit, 3rd World Clinics, Crabs.

Its common knowledge that one of the first things divers do when they enter the water is pee, so that the warmness spreads throughout their wetsuit, keeping their body temperature up while they plunge to the deep dark depths of... Continue Reading →

GringaDiaries: SCUBA Certified…can put it on my resume…

...because that test was SO HARD! I passed my Open Water Scuba Certification trip with a 92%, thats an A! I love A's! Hopefully questions I got wrong weren't any that would land me in a life-threatening situation. Keeping fingers... Continue Reading →

238: GringaDiaries: Scuba Dooba Doo!

So scuba diving is weeeeeeird. Its really cool, because you see fish from Finding Nemo and stuff. But I'm just weirded out by the idea you can breathe under water. I'd forgotten how hard it was to focus on reading and videos in school,... Continue Reading →

235: GringaDiaries: SCUBA-Certified in Utila

We're getting really good at waking up at obnoxious hours to take obnoxious busrides to get to beautiful places. Maybe when I get back to the states I can lead courses on how to torture your sleep cycles for all... Continue Reading →

GringaDiaries: Heyoooo Honduras!

We were sad to leave Guatemala, but Honduras is beautiful and friendly, and its nice to be back in skin melting hot weather. Although I think I broke my razor shaving my legs and armpits for the first time in... Continue Reading →

GringaDiaries: Conquering Volcanoes, Israelis, and other Magic

The best part about traveling, besides the adventures and the sights of nature and buildings, are the people you meet and the stories they tell. Everywhere we go, we meet and adopt lovely boys that become the four or five... Continue Reading →

GringaDiaries: The one about the Bat Caves.

Today we celebrate our one month anniversary of travel in Antigua, surrounded by mountains and volcanos, lined with cobblestone streets, crumbling colonial buildings and cathedrals. Weire staying at a hostel called The Jungle Party, and our room smells like fart... Continue Reading →

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