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RachelinRio: the little different things

I'm stoked to share this unique "teaching abroad in an international Christian school" experience with a large group of newbies. We’re awaiting a couple from Romania, and we have five Americans, one Canadian/Brazilian (Cabrillion? Brazadian? He rides a moose to school.... Continue Reading →

RacheltoRio: One week of super legal

Today marks one week in Rio! Highlights: Apartment life: Is fun. We have an elevator. Which makes me feel fancy. Our space is not exactly clean or organized or decorated yet, but there is a hammock, which is the world's... Continue Reading →

RacheltoRio: Is this the real life . . . Bem-vindo ao Brasil!

It wasn't easy to get here, but it was exciting. The emotional family (and canine) farewells, the last minute packing into the wee hours of the morning, the early drive, the LAX layover (that is the third gate into hell),... Continue Reading →

Top10 Reasons Why Grown Women Love “Twilight” (207)

I went to a University and received a fantastic education. I read the New York Times. I'm a Latin teacher. I'm currently reading "The Aeneid" for fun. should know....I. LOVE. Twilight. I'm definitely Team Edward, I think Bella is... Continue Reading →

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