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Nothing good happens after Midnight… (240)

My mother always said this to me growing up. I think  because her mother said it to her. I always disagreed. I knew for a fact that all cool people did cool things after midnight. Its the bewitching hour, there are... Continue Reading →

blast from the past and bear dreams

i got a beautiful text message yesterday that read "made some gnarly fadeorade today and thought of you! miss you!" from someone i used to call my soulmate. we haven't seen each other in years. it made me nostalgic for... Continue Reading →

annual tragic birthday post. self-deprecation, attempts at life lessons, jokes about being a junior high teacher. the yooshh.

I'm 26? really? 26?!@ what the what. i never thought I would be this old. That is true. I mean, when you're growing up, you think about turning 13, 16, 18, 21, and than all the fantasies stop there, because... Continue Reading →

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