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i woke up in narnia

for all i've been mocking durham's outright panic at the possibility of snow, the last 24 hours have been REALLY exciting for me. if you're wondering how many inches of snow it takes to completely shut down durham, the answer... Continue Reading →

Sundayness – Getting Lucky and Gardening.

I like blogging Sundays. I think of it as Jesus' birthday or something heathen-like, despite all my years as a Christian. I'm like, "hey! Jesus! We should have donuts about you today!" Here's what happened this Sunday. My alarm -... Continue Reading →

Two months ago today I arrived to this Carolina state. Head and heart full of dreams and expectations and wonder. It was adorable. Within a few days, I secured a place to live, reconnected with boyfriend after looooong months apart,... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Win(e)d Up

This is called the Wednesday post. But it's technically Friday on the east coast. Blame it on jetlag or denial, neither of which are valid, but maybe I still don't call this place quite home. Is it still Wednesday somewhere?... Continue Reading →

Carolina Diaries: Moving and Settling In

It's been two weeks since I dropped my mom off at the airport and we both pretended not to cry and not to care. I've slowly unpacked all the boxes, which has been kind of like Christmas. The clothes are hung... Continue Reading →

Carolina Diaries: Finding a New Home

Anyone who has ever used Craigslist to find a new roommate or a new place to live knows that it's a crapshoot. Once someone came to our interview saying she was really glad I had laundry machines, because "I just hate... Continue Reading →

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