boomerangThis is called the Wednesday post. But it’s technically Friday on the east coast. Blame it on jetlag or denial, neither of which are valid, but maybe I still don’t call this place quite home. Is it still Wednesday somewhere? Australia – are you ahead or behind of my place? Boogers. No answer. Busy throwing boomerangs, I suppose.

oh hai new york.
oh hai new york.

This place I am trying to make my own being Durham, North Carolina, where I have lived for about a month. Interesting…I just did my first trip away…went to New York Citaaaaay – concrete jungle where dreams are MADE – and flying back into the Raleigh-Durham airport, finding my car, driving to where I live, sinking into my bed…I kept waiting for the overwhelming feeling of “ahhh I am home,” but it never quite came. I guess it takes more than a weekend away to make a house feel like you belong there.

It’s been about forty days, to be exact. In excitement for the opportunity and in a bit of desperation, I have taken an unpaid writing internship, and am slowly backsliding into the idea of waitressing again, because the rest of the job market here in Durham seems a bit adverse to my particular skill set. Don’t get me wrong – I know I’m a stellar waitress and the $2.13 + tips starting wage only makes me pause a wee bit. I could make it work. I just balk more at doing it at 30 years old and unsure of what the rest of my life holds.

Are we supposed to love what we do? Is this an American thing – to demand more than wages from my job – to demand satisfaction and a sense of impact on the world? Am I selfish to think that I should enjoy where I spend 40+ hours a week?

Things to ponder, I guess. At this point, I spend 40+ hours a week prostrate on reddit/craigslist/twitter or composing ballads to imaginary jobs on my guitar.

  • Global Citizen concerto
    Global Citizen concerto

    Fav songs – after the sweet Global Citizen concert last weekend in Central Park, I am jonesing on Alicia Keyes and figuring out when John Mayer decided country-folk-guitar solo was where it is at, because he is correct. He actually totally brought it at the show, despite forgetting to mention anything about the reason he was there (ie poverty, lack of education, hunger, preventable diseases, etc.). At the end of it all, I still have a lot of feels for “How Did You Find Me Here” by David Wilcox. Just do it.

  • Reading – Call the Midwife, book 3. The Economic Hitman. Love and Respect.
  • Watching – Breaking Bad, season 2. Desperately trying to avoid all forms of social media so that I don’t know how the series ends, three seasons from now. I have a pretty good idea, but….
  • Drinking – going through a bit of a post-vacation detox. But. You know. With a bottle of wine called “Sprinkles.”
  • Eating- TCBY has created a legit fro yo line. Boyfriend and I really like the mint choco chip.

  • Wishing- for a job, to get this fellowship I’m applying for, to be able to wear strapless dresses without a small panic attack. 
  • Grateful For- safe flights back and forth from NYC, as I continue to restore my faith in flying.
  • Looking forward to- volunteering at the International Beer Festival this weekend! I am hoping to make some new friends, try some new beers, and experience a bit of Durham in a way I haven’t before! The weather promises to be beautiful, and my biggest concern is which pair of cowboy boots will sustain eight hours on my feet.
  • The 411 on my least popular tweets- My least popular tweet this week was “Yo…hummingbirds…relax.” It’s fine that no one has any feels about this. I guess hummingbirds just stress me out, and I wanted to send them a message that its okay to just like, calm down and enjoy life. I don’t know if they got it, but I tried.