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248: Christianity. Jesus. Ramble. Rumble. Things. Etc.

You know when you're a runner, and you have a running plan, but sometimes you just feel like running, forget the training? Me neither. Running is terrible. I've really tried hard to love it. I can like it, well enough.... Continue Reading →

221: Viva la Navidad! 9 Things I already miss about Mexico

Back from a Christmas mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico. Since Friday afternoon... I have been in a car for about 50 hours, which makes my already flat white girl butt even flatter and somewhat tingly with being asleep. I have... Continue Reading →

Hey Jesus – Why do bad things happen to good people?

If on Sunday I find myself full of hope, high on Jesus, fridge stocked with healthy ambitions, heart full of good intentions, and believing the best in all people, there is always Monday to crush my spirit in case I'm... Continue Reading →

67 – Tuesday Top 10 – Lent is the new black.

Lent - the 40ish day period of time when Christians give up something to simulate the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross. Now, this was the ultimate sacrifice that anyone could ever make....but we somehow think we're being all... Continue Reading →

This light will shine when all else fades

I'm home! Again! I'd only been home two weeks, thrown into the tornado of Christmas and holiday spirit, and I don't think I adequately processed my four month Gringa Fest before I found myself back on a plane, back in... Continue Reading →

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