You know when you’re a runner, and you have a running plan, but sometimes you just feel like running, forget the training? Me neither. Running is terrible. I’ve really tried hard to love it. I can like it, well enough. But honestly, unless I’m being chased by a hobo or jungle cat, I don’t think someone with a body like mine is meant to go very fast at all. I’m built for comfort, not for speed.

things that are beautiful.

I need to write. Want to write. Practice makes perfect. But I’m already sick of this blog. I should backspace. Delete delete delete.

But I want to blog every day! Practice makes perfect! Write! Write! Throw yourself out there for millions of strangers to read, for friends and family to mock, for church ladies to judge, for nobody to lose sleep over except me.

another sip of wine. this wine is called “headstand.” <—something I could never do. Can’t even somersault. Convinced I would break my neck if I tried.

Tonight I’m thinking about…

  • how much I love coaching volleyball. Teaching is great and all, but all too often I tell a student a way he or she can do something better, and either they ignore it or it takes months to see the fruit of that labor. In a competitive sport, they all want  to be there and SEEK my instruction, and I can see
    Official photographic portrait of US President...
    love this guy.

    results so much quicker.

  • Also, with volleyball, we laugh a LOT and have a ton of girly fun. Its awesome. Viva spandex.
  • Obama‘s state of the union address. Its still ringing in my ears with promises of what a glorious America this could be. It takes more than one man to make this come true. I want an America where everyone is doing their part as much as they are able.
  • my small group from church and the book we are reading, “Crazy Love,” and I think Jesus is rad, and I think that for the last couple of centuries, the world has been sold a bum deal on Christianity. Most people think that Christians are all-white, middle and upper class only, rightwing nut jobs who hate all other people, torture people, and crusade mindlessly against people who think different. We hoard our money from you, support politicians who turn out to be closet homosexuals propositioning minors on the internet or living polygamous lives. And that’s just the beginning of “American Christianity.” And let me tell you it’s so far from what Jesus called His followers to be.


iHere’s what I promise as Hs follower:

to always help you whenever you need it. No questions asked, no conditions, no “I told you so,” no prerequisites.

to continually be learning how to better myself and humble myself.

to feed and clothe you when you are hungry and cold.

to realize my money isn’t even mine to begin with, but a blessing from God, and I could be hit by a bus tomorrow, so I might as well live in faith and give it all away!

to listen.

to care.

I need you, buddy

to love.

to pray for you.

to not blindly follow any politician who claims to be Christian, but to also look at his/her character and policies.

to live as poor as possible, relying on handouts from family and friends, so that I might never grow rich and beyond my means and humility.

and still to love.

What is your opinion on Christians? The group hasn’t earned the best name. Some of the Christians I know are terrible people, who say and do terrible things. And I know lots of nice, serving, caring people who walk a different faith. So. What do you think?