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Religion and Spirituality

248: Christianity. Jesus. Ramble. Rumble. Things. Etc.

You know when you're a runner, and you have a running plan, but sometimes you just feel like running, forget the training? Me neither. Running is terrible. I've really tried hard to love it. I can like it, well enough.... Continue Reading →

Hey Jesus – Why do bad things happen to good people?

If on Sunday I find myself full of hope, high on Jesus, fridge stocked with healthy ambitions, heart full of good intentions, and believing the best in all people, there is always Monday to crush my spirit in case I'm... Continue Reading →

Oh, I’m running to your arms…

Question: How do you spell the letter "H" ? Question: Who is the hottest Disney princess? Question: Who is the most awesome Disney sidekick? Question: How much can high school boys eat? if i hadn't thought about these things before... Continue Reading →

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