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Got my ray bans on and I’m feeling hella cool tonight…

ooooh this weekend feels good. feels SO good. my sister is home from the college place, and its my 27.5 birthday! Oh yeah. Half birthdays should always be celebrated. we's going out tonight. I made all my students sing songs... Continue Reading →

Guide for Guys – HowGirlsWork – She’s just not that into YOU.

Cousin flew home from Texas with a friend, and both of them were celebrating their "twenty-oneth" birthdays,as they said. I'm so deep in Studylandia that I feel like I can't breathe, so I decided to meet up with them in... Continue Reading →

161 – How Girls Work: Girls Night Out (Thoughts)AfterParty

Girls nights out, girls nights in, girls nights with a fox in a box on a train. All these things can be oh so good. Yesterday I talked about my top ten things I love about a good reenactment of... Continue Reading →

HowGirlsWork: Top10 Things about a Girls Night Out (160)

My middle name is "Danger." At one point in my life, it could have been "Party." I LOVED going out and all that it entailed. But with a fulltime job and going back to school. I am a little bit... Continue Reading →

71 – I think I’m Stage Four.

Last night was my "try to forget about things and let loose for a few hours" night. L, J and I had bought tickets to see "Rock of Ages" in the city, and researched a place for dinner, timed the... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: Wow. That escalated quickly.

I love going out at night. And then I love waking up in the morning, grabbing my phone, and reliving the evening through surveying the damage caused on facebook and text messages sent when your two best friends steal your phone... Continue Reading →

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