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34/365.25 – I’m a sick bunny.

I am terrible at being sick. You know how they say nurses and doctors make the worst patients? Actually, their children do. I freely admit I am a large infant when I get sick. I'm emotional, I say weird things... Continue Reading →

M2M TwentyTen – the Sequel: Navidad Edition

People, a place, and a mission so amazing, we roll twice a year :) We had such an awesome time this last week we spend in Ensenada. It started out a little shaky....I was driving down with the Sullivans, and... Continue Reading →

M2M Twenty Ten : the Recap

Every summer since I was 13 I have gone on a week-long journey that helps me define who I am, or who I want to be; that snaps me into perspective; forces me out of my comfort zone and into... Continue Reading →

UnEmployment Diaries: Screw job searching, I’m turning to a life of crime.

I have a few new ideas for scraping through these horrible economic times...I'm going to turn to a life of crime. I can be your Bonnie, you can be my Clyde. It seems so romantical! And I've always liked those... Continue Reading →

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