I am terrible at being sick. You know how they say nurses and doctors make the worst patients? Actually, their children do. I freely admit I am a large infant when I get sick. I’m emotional, I say weird things ( I taught my 8th grade latin class what “moonshine” was today. “prohibition” was one of our derivatives. ) and I’m pretty sure I’m dying, no matter if it’s a cold or the influenza or a large cut requiring stitches.

I think sometimes God gets me sick because I get too busy and forget to chill out and take time to enjoy life at a slower pace. Plus, I am around nose-picking, snot wiping junior highers all day, so it’s not hard to pick something up.

Despite feeling quite sickly and pathetic, I did get a really nice surprise to bring some cheer. One of my favorite students and his sweet sweet mom made me a care package! April made me the most delicious homemade soup, bread, packed in apples, ricotta, emergen-c, theraflu, vitamin waters, Kleenex, chocolate, and of course, a trashy magazine to read, and brought it to my house!! My basket came complete with handmade cards from her kids promising to pray for my recovery and decorated with stickers :). It was so previous. You could tell they were shy and nervous being in a teachers house! And I got lots of hugs, which, looking the way I do right now, says a lot.

Thank you April, Justin, and Abby! You are the bees knees.