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GringaDiaries: Gordita Loves Flores, Guatemala!

Best convo....We go to a beach called la playa de los gringos, or white folks beach, and hang out there. Yesterday a man came up to me and started talking and talking. I sorta remember being introduced to him and... Continue Reading →

GringaDiaries: I’m in Guatemala!

I made it! after moving right past stressed out about the trip and straight through to panic, to almost leaving m passport at home, I boarded eight million planes and on Latin American time (read: an hour late through everything) we arrived... Continue Reading →

What a Novel Idea!

This is National Novel Writing Month. Or NANOWRIMO, as cool bloggers refer to it. I'm more like, "isn't this month reserved for growing out your facial hair and eating turkey and football?" But I guess there is more to life than all... Continue Reading →

GringaDiaries: Guate has bugs the size of your FACE!

I remember my great grandma talking about spiders in the South that were the size of dinner plates. i woud laugh at her exaggeration. I am not laughing now. Last night, while tucking my mosquito net in around my bed... Continue Reading →

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