belize sunset
my home

let me tell you a love story.
girl meets belize. belize meets girl. girl and belize fall in love and decide to move in together. small house, covered in palm fronds, hammocks swinging gently in the breeze. they live happily ever after.

we arrived in caye caulker on friday i think of last week. have lost all track of days and dates (consequently forgetting to take my anti-malaria. not good!) and we’ve been having the best time. we’ve been staying at this amazing hostel, tina’s, and met the greatest.people.ever.All the europeans are traveling the world for years at a time, have all these fascinating stories to share, and we’ve been going fishing off the pier with lines attached to coke bottles and catching mini barracudas and grilling them for dinner. last night we had a barbecue for about fifteen people, all the boys slicing up their fish and all the girls making the potatoes and veggies.

karaoke with the brits. and headlamp. obey.

we’ve met three brits that are hilarious and ive adopted their accents and cute little sayings like “ice lolly” for popsicle and we head down to the split everyday to try and teach natasha how to dive and watch local kids almost kill themselves doing flips off the concrete blocks and floating over the huge sting rays that cruise by on the ocean floor.

we’ve signed ourselves up for a three day sailing cruise, we leave tomorrow morning on a boat with about ten other people and sail south towards Placencia, Guatemala, stopping to snorkel and swim with manatees and dolphins and the like, spear fishing, deep sea fishing, cooking our catch of the day for dinner every night, and camping on remote little deserted islands at night we’re told are only the size of football fields, complete with palms trees and sand and nothing else.

chilling with the locals

we’ve heard bob marley twenty fours a day for the last few days and although it is getting a bit old, its still so much fun to hang out with all the locals and their rasta vibe and try to understand what they’re saying. the island is small, no one has cars; they all ride cruiser bikes and drive golf carts and fish all the time. the one bad thing about this place is it is quite expensive, the internet prices in particular are outrageous and i cant get my email to work so im in a bit of a panic and of course cant remember any of the funny stories i wanted to tell, but wanted to let you know i am alive!