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RinR: Things I Miss While Living Abroad

1. My dog. I should probably feel guilty about not putting my family and friends here first, but those people can Face my Time. Kizzy and I have tried communicating that way, but it stresses her out to hear my voice... Continue Reading →

RinR: We Run This Town

This weekend I crossed off something from my thirtyfiveBy35 list - to run a race in Rio. About a dozen of us from my school ran a 5/10k in downtown Rio. Super fun. I used a port-a-potty 3 times before... Continue Reading →

about being single on valentines day.

Normally in the States, I'm so jacked up on conversation hearts that I can be pretty numb to the pain of being single on Valentines Day. And every day. All day. Because it is. It's okay to love being single to celebrate the heck out of it, and to also acknowledge that it can be really, really hard.

Zippers and Other Times I Feel Single

The other night our neighbor came over to say the water in the building was out. Which was a bummer because I was disgusting and needed a shower. But a few hours later our sink was still working, so I... Continue Reading →

Breakups Should Come with a Puppy

When I first arrived back home in California after the nine-day journey across the United States and had a small furry thing shoved into my arms, I barely noticed. I was more excited about getting out of the car, being... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day when You’re Single, and Other Times Calories Don’t Count.

Valentine's Day when you're not single, but your significant other is not there Christmas Your birthday When you're sad At the movies Your birthday eve Girls night out Girls night in Before the age of 25 Funerals and funeral after... Continue Reading →

2013 in Statii, and where Rachel Realizes She’s Happy

Lists are a great way to wrap things up at the end of the year. I don't have anything cool like "The Most Important Hedgehogs of 2013," and Buzzfeed probably already has it, but I like to wrap ish up... Continue Reading →

wednesday wined up. on thursday. because things.

you guys - i made friends with a redneck at work today, and at one point we shared a plate of fried chicken and then did the running man in the server station. also the dishwasher, this linebacker of a... Continue Reading →

HowGirlsWork: Hot Fudge and Breakups.

It might only be six pm, but the feelings say it is time for dessert. So I got out the fudge sauce, and noticed there were instructions on it, two sets actually. I found them kind of funny. The first... Continue Reading →

Fears and Self-Loathing in the Carolinas

"Run. You can't cry if you're running. Endorphin-chemical-things make you feel good, no matter how slowly you go, even if you hate to run. That will block the tear channels. And you already cried at church this morning, so you're... Continue Reading →

The Indefinite and Undefinable Guide to Getting Happy

Any of my former students can tell you that whenever we were having a bad day, Miss Weight would turn on the big screen and youtube puppy videos, pass out lollipops, and force the children to tell her jokes until... Continue Reading →

Guide for Guys: What Girls Post Online

The problem with social media is we believe what we see. Via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc., we form opinions of each other. In a more devious and dangerous vein, we work to form others' opinions of ourselves. We post... Continue Reading →

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