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For a boy. A Series. Part One.

His name was Aaron. Something about the way that he debated with our Global Studies 101 professor made me all twitter pated. Later that week, biking out to Sandspit Beach, I pedaled past him and a friend. He was as... Continue Reading →

257: Surviving VDay

I want you to know - I am super okay with being single 99.9999 times the square root of pi percent of the time. The little fraction that is the remainder only pops up when I'm on my period or... Continue Reading →

2011 Highlights of Danger – I’m SO Alive!

I just drove 10 hours by myself back from Portland, one of the best vacations of my life. En serio. I can be cynical about holidays like NYE, Valentine's Day, etc., which seem to scream "Hey you! You're single! And... Continue Reading →

222: Single for the Holidays – and Grateful for it

This week, when millions of single, childless twenty- and thirty-something professionals head back home for the holidays, is a funny time for those of us in that demographic. We're used to our own agendas, our own homes and apartments, a... Continue Reading →

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