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Regular Trains, Sushi Trains, Bullet Trains, oh my

There is an English idiom, 'like riding a bike,' that I got to try out in a few ways on this trip. I was literally riding a bike around rice paddies and down busy streets with opposite traffic laws, and... Continue Reading →

The Land of the Rising Sun – Days 1 and 2

‘This is brilliant. This is . . . this is either the best idea or the worst idea i have ever had. Either way . . . heaps of fun at the moment. And probably a really good story later.’... Continue Reading →

253: Teacher Diaries: What I Wish I Could Say to Parents. And Politicians.

Recently I read a great article by Ron Clark, a pretty famous guy in the educational world. He's been honored by Oprah and has a Lifetime movie about him starring Chandler Bing, so....big stuff. His article focuses on what that... Continue Reading →

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