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New years eve

RinR: Playing Tour Guide, NYE, Cheese Penis, a Friend

My first visitor! I think a place truly starts to feel like "home" when you have someone visit and you get to play tour guide. I'm fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine to be one of those "Jungle Cruise" guides... Continue Reading →

2013 in Statii, and where Rachel Realizes She’s Happy

Lists are a great way to wrap things up at the end of the year. I don't have anything cool like "The Most Important Hedgehogs of 2013," and Buzzfeed probably already has it, but I like to wrap ish up... Continue Reading →

A Single Lady’s Response to Valentine’s Day

Much like it's evil twin, New Year's Eve, this "holiday" (which I'm convinced is a conspiracy of greeting card companies and chocolatiers) can make a single gal feel decidedly single. I've just survived the holidays with the relatives and their... Continue Reading →

2011 Highlights of Danger – I’m SO Alive!

I just drove 10 hours by myself back from Portland, one of the best vacations of my life. En serio. I can be cynical about holidays like NYE, Valentine's Day, etc., which seem to scream "Hey you! You're single! And... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Things. Maybe. Probably not.

Its trendy to make resolutions for the new year. Its so trendy to not make resolutions. I want to start a new trend. Ridiculous resolutions. Join me. My first is to tweet from every public restroom I visit for the... Continue Reading →

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