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“It’s the hard that makes it great” dailyprompt: silver screen

There is a great moment in "A League of Their Own" (watch it here), when Dottie is planning on going back to Oregon with her husband Bob, and her manager confronts her about her choice: Jimmy Dugan: Shit, Dottie, if... Continue Reading →

230: Top10! Things I loves about Portland

This year, instead of subjecting ourselves to the nausea-inducing New Year's Eve cliche, chronically single best friends Ryann and I embarked on a road trip to change our lives and get us away from the typical. We headed up to... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Things. Maybe. Probably not.

Its trendy to make resolutions for the new year. Its so trendy to not make resolutions. I want to start a new trend. Ridiculous resolutions. Join me. My first is to tweet from every public restroom I visit for the... Continue Reading →

happy birthday carly

its about 11pm the night before your birthday as i start to write this. ive been trying to write this for two hours. i think from being best friends in junior high and high school, i  always remember your birthday.... Continue Reading →

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