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RacheltoRio: The One Where Brownies are Important

One day until I board a plane and leave for Brazil! oh. em. goodness. Absolutely all my prayers were focused on being able to pick up the visa today (Friday). Because my flight is on Sunday. There was no room for error. To get... Continue Reading →

RacheltoRio: What I Take With Me and What I Might Find There

"What are you bringing with you?!" is one of the first things people ask when they find out I'm leaving the country for a few years. I only have 15 days left to figure this out. And we all know how good... Continue Reading →

Traveling with Rachel

So I went on a walk, and this squirrel was screaming at me in squirrel talk from this tree (I am terrified of squirrels), and that's when I decided I was going on a road trip. I'm going to Georgia,... Continue Reading →

Skype is to Mullet as…anyway, I have an announcement.

Did that title work for you? Here's the thing! I had my second interview today via Skype for a teaching position. In Rio de Janeiro. Which is in Brazil. !!!!! And I think it went well. !!!!! Skype interviews are crazy.... Continue Reading →

13 – Pack it Up

I'm going out of town this weekend. I just got back from mexico, but i can't stay home for more than three or four weeks in a row. and ive been feeling quite restless with my job i think... Continue Reading →

I was born a ramblin’ (wo)man…

Rounding out five months of travel with a nice week long sojourn to the deeeeep South tomorrow....thats right, I'm going to Georgia to visit my pappy! I guess he's not really "pappy." I think thats for grandpas. And he's only... Continue Reading →

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