I’m going out of town this weekend. I just got back from mexico, but i can’t stay home for more than three or four weeks in a row. and ive been feeling quite restless with my job lately….so i think this will help. this weekend its a family affair to the happiest place on earth :). I have to go to disneyland once a year or a small part of me in the shape of a child dies.

Its weird to think that there are so many people that never get to go to disneyland. Or the beach. or the snow. or leave their state, let alone their country. Instead of feeling guilty about that, which is my normal route, I’ve decided to just try to go a lot in their name. Take pictures. Blog it out.

the one thing i don’t like about going away is packing. huge hassle. I’m trying to do only carry on, and this is hard. Hard because I’m sure we’ll take a billion pictures, so i should attempt to look cute. because my mom and sisters will put them on facebook. hard because all I am really in the mood for is sweatpants and my shapeups and a disney fanny pack. Hard because i want to leave room for all the stupid things i want to bring home, like giant lollipops and light-up things in the shape of mickey mouse.

its funny what i think it necessary to do for a four day trip. Before even doing laundry or figuring out my clothing situation, I feel that I must make sure my ipod is up to date with every song I might ever want to hear for an hour long plane ride, and make a specific playlist for the journey. I will stay awake for hours into the night compiling the perfect playlist, then burn it on a cd in case the rental car and hotel room don’t have ipod hookups. Then I find a complete deck of cards, which we will probably never pull out to play. I pack a journal, that I never end up writing in, and I decide on a book, that I never end up reading. This comes before socks, shoes, underwear, etc. What entertainment I will bring on a vacation is somehow more important than the day to day essentials. I usually end up forgetting my toothbrush, pajamas, or a sleeping bag.

It all works out in the end. Sometimes I like to wait until like 2am to pack for something, and be so delirious that when I end up unpacking once I get to the destination, its like a fun game to figure out what important thing I left at home. And then figure out how to do without pants for a weekend, for instance. I guess I just love a chance to improvise.

I’ll let you know what I forget. Whatever it is, I’m sure I can find a replacement in Disneyland. With little mouse prints all over it.