This weekend I am going on the awesome adventure known as a “Family Vacation.” We have no one younger than 15 in our family, and we are headed to Disneyland! Heyooo!! Its going to be a bit of an adult version of the Happiest Place on Earth, we’re skipping the inner circle of hell known as the seven hour road trip there, and flying  instead. And as we plan out how many times we’re riding Splash Mountain (trying to break my record of 16 in one day) and figuring out which iphone Disneyland apps to download, we are including stops at the vineyard and beer cart and Ariel’s Grotto in California Adventure, and trying to get access to the rumored secret bar somewhere in the French Quarter. Nothing like the teacups with my sisters after a brewskie!

I love Disneyland. I love riding rides several times in a row when all the little kids have gone home for naptime or because its after 10pm. I love eating everything in the shape of Mickey Mouse. I love that at 26 years old, I still want to get the autographs of all the characters, that I will wait in line, and as soon as I get to the front, immediately get shy and want to hide behind my parents. I love that it smells like candy. I love getting to act like the child that I am, and think that everything is real. I love that people who are visiting for the first time wear special buttons, and you can ask them how they are liking it, and no one thinks its creepy to talk to strangers, because its Disneyland.

I’ll be wearing gold sequin 50th year anniversary mouse ears, a Disneyland fannypack, so my hands are free to be up in the air and waving side to side on all the rides, and a Mickie long sleeve shirt. And my shapeups. :) Good weekend, straight ahead!