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16/325.25 – The value in goal setting

I believe goals are importnant. Setting them. Striving for them. Trying to keep them. I rarely get to the last step, which would be "celebrating the achievement of goal." but today, we set out to break a previous personal record... Continue Reading →

15/325.25 – Disneyland through my years

I remember one of the first times I ever went to Disneyland as a kid. I was maybe 5 or 6 years old, and Jenna and I were in matching blue overalls with big white polka dots on them. We... Continue Reading →

14 – A Happy Girl goes to the Happiest Place on Earth

This weekend I am going on the awesome adventure known as a "Family Vacation." We have no one younger than 15 in our family, and we are headed to Disneyland! Heyooo!! Its going to be a bit of an adult... Continue Reading →

13 – Pack it Up

I'm going out of town this weekend. I just got back from mexico, but i can't stay home for more than three or four weeks in a row. and ive been feeling quite restless with my job i think... Continue Reading →

Dear Facebook Ads: Stop mocking me. Singles are people, too.

So at first I thought it was just an ironic, and kinda sweet and helpful coincidence that all the Facebook ads to the right of my page are about dating web sites. There were even a few that I, though... Continue Reading →

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