I believe goals are importnant. Setting them. Striving for them. Trying to keep them. I rarely get to the last step, which would be “celebrating the achievement of goal.” but today, we set out to break a previous personal record of most times ridden on Splash Mountain In A Single Day. My personal record is sixteen. We aimed for twenty. So I can get some street cred with my students, and because goals are good.

Setting out to get splashed at eight am…it can be hard to find teammates, but my sisters Jenna and Caroline decided to be brave. We did the splash eight times by about 930am before, being the Morse girls we are, we had to stop to go pee.

Splash Mountain, I am certain, was created by people on drugs, for people on drugs. What exactly is this “laughing place” they claim we all have? Why is that raccoon drinking from a bottle of moonshine with three xs on it? Why cant any of the animals look me straight in the eye? Why does it get all neon and crazy?

Anyway, mushrooms, neon, and croseyeds aside, the ride is fantastic. We rode so many times that the ride operators became
Our allies, slipping us throughfor one more ride. And we started posing for the camera..pretending to be asleep, picking our noses, doing the YMCA. Awesome.

At the time of this frantic post to get a post in for the day so I don’t mess up my resolution of writing one everyday, I have been on the splash Mtn eleven times.
It’s eight pm, it’s butt cold, got six more times to go.

Here’s to Mickey mouse ponchos and achieving our goals!