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quarter life crisis

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maybe i shouldn't have been so surprised. but we forget how much people care, how kind people can be, and despite its general toxicity, how great the internet is at bringing us all together in times of joy as well... Continue Reading →

Do you ever do this - I got out of the shower, and then walked around my house in my towels, lay in bed, played on my phone, finished a book, made dinner, burned a CD (I'm old school), and even... Continue Reading →


You guys. I had a really good day today. And tomorrow is gonna be good, too. And then the next day as well. I have some news. We'll start with today. I woke up super refreshed, even before my alarm... Continue Reading →

TeacherDiaries: Is this real life? (293)

This is my fourth year of teaching junior high, and unfortunately I'm having one of those quarter-life crisis moments where you look at your job, calculate how much time you spend loving it minus the time you spend hating it,... Continue Reading →

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