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The Lost Art of a Road Trip

I grew up on road trips - the mini ones like the hour drive to my great grandma's, the hours up to Clear Lake or Pinecrest, and what seemed like a billion years to Disneyland. Plus, there were volleyball or... Continue Reading →

Don’t Talk to Strangers – the Adult Version

I've been waxing poetic about our awesome road trip for the last few blogs, and I apologize (but not really) for the endless stream of instagram photos. Jackson Hole was truly fantastic. But I HAVE to share the weirdest story... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: Year One – Almost done! and more things I wish I hadn’t said…

Two and a half more weeks and I have survived my first year of teaching junior high Latin! Wow. Fastest year of my life. There were times I thought I wouldn't make it...either I'd get fired for saying something crazy... Continue Reading →

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