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Traveling Alone

and back again we go . . .

One of the nicest things about right now is that I’m wearing a sweatshirt. Summers in the Bay Area are lovely - hot during the day but dipping at night. I was in the pool a few hours ago, but... Continue Reading →

the good, the bad, the Baliful

Solo travel looks glamourous. For a woman, it also probably seems quite dangerous, and scary, and a bad idea, and who's going to take all those super-posed pics of me walking into a sunset or staring off into the distance... Continue Reading →

Lombock to the Future (your girl is in indonesia)

Ten years ago I was going through a thing - I was working at an awesome weekly newspaper in my college town, waiting tables, living the dream. I danced downtown Tuesday through Saturday and in drum circles and at sunsets... Continue Reading →

What I <3 about Ireland – Trip Highlights

Tomorrow I finally leave Ireland, after a week of solo traveling here. Time has been fast and time has been slow, but I have really loved this adventure. Here are some highlights: Accents - is it just me, or is... Continue Reading →

The One About Traveling Alone – The Cons

This Ireland-England-Spain before I'm 30 Trip o'Dreams has made me think a lot about traveling in general, and me traveling specifically. One of the things I've loved most about traveling has been meeting people and figuring out things about yourself,... Continue Reading →

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