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Things I Could Have Done in Unemployment

I am excited to finally start working. Anyone who has spent time with me in the last two months is excited, too. Because turns out I am a miserable little (but actually chubby, not little) bunny when time stretches before... Continue Reading →

UnEmployment Diaries: Screw job searching, I’m turning to a life of crime.

I have a few new ideas for scraping through these horrible economic times...I'm going to turn to a life of crime. I can be your Bonnie, you can be my Clyde. It seems so romantical! And I've always liked those... Continue Reading →

UnEmployed Diaries: Even the jobless get a case of the Mondays…..and Tuesdays…and Wednesdays…and dangit.

The start of a new week is both the best day and the worst day of the week for the unemployed. A. All you suckers have to get up early and to go to work today! nine to fiiiive hahaha!... Continue Reading →

UnEmployed Diaries: CBEST of me

In a nice little active step towards something that resembles future employment, I took my CBEST today to be qualified to substitute teach! I think I might like teaching. Which is another way of saying I don't ever want to... Continue Reading →

Call me Aunt Rachel! Clap clap yaaaay!!!

Thats right! My sister Jenna became a mommy this weekend. We got her an adorable puppy for her birthday. The poor thing is only two pounds but has three last names: Darcy Bennett Weight. Named after Jane Austen characters. Mostly... Continue Reading →

25 things…that are not the 25 things about me list!! haha i totally siked you out

1. Why does everyone feel the need to make up some lame excuse about why they're talking about themselves for 25 things? "everyone else is doing it" "im bored at work" "oh my gosh i can't believe im doing this!... Continue Reading →

UnEmployed Diaries: Na na why can’t I get a job?

Do you have a job? Yes? lucky you. Even without employment, I'm still in a uniform. Its sweats/yoga pants, a stained shirt i'm too depressed and un-busy to put in the laundry, unbrushed hair, and a permanent pout on my... Continue Reading →

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