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Weddings are getting very Pindictable.

Disclaimer: I am not engaged, I am not fishing for a proposal from my boyfriend, I am not in a rush to get married. But. I am a girl. And we love weddings. I am free-falling fallen into the abyss... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Awesome Things about Weddings

Weddings truly are fantastic. People love each other, and want to be together forever? That's a beautiful thing. By no means all inclusive, I present a list of things I love about attending/being in weddings. 10. Guys look great in... Continue Reading →

113 – Monday Round UP – Two days later…

Fav Moment of the Day - Ohhhhh I am SO glad school is out!! Just being done feels so great. and the weather is picking up. I still have 140 report cards to do and a room to completely disassemble... Continue Reading →

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