Fav Moment of the Day – Ohhhhh I am SO glad school is out!! Just being done feels so great. and the weather is picking up. I still have 140 report cards to do and a room to completely disassemble and teacher worky stuff to do….blah…but i get a summer break! Amen, Jesus.

Second Fav Moment of the Day – currently watching “The Bachelorette.” If this was Monday, as I really wanted it to be…I would have been coming home from Great America, and at Great America, my fav moment was talking security guards out of kicking out one of my students for spitting on someone on a ride….or running up to a student and biting off a huge chunk of cotton candy when she wasn’t looking.

Today I am wearing…

  • the workout shorts michelle got me :)
  • tank top!! ahhh!!!! sunshine!!!
  • sneaks

This weekend I…

  • was maid of honor in Jess’ wedding!! It was BEAUTIFUL!! Seriously crazy. It was in Moraga, and there was a 90% chance of rain. It poured all morning, we were freaking out. It continued to rain as we drove up to the location, and literally as we arrived, it stopped raining. We were able to have the ceremony outside, and everything went beautifully. Jessica looked like a model and it was so fun to be with old friends and boogie on the dance floor. Despite all the drama leading up to the wedding, the actual event was fantastic!! Now the happy couple is on their honeymoon and I have loved watching their love.
  • went to the first meeting for our mission trip!

This week I am going to…

  • take the 8th graders to Great America. Lord help me.
  • Go through 8th grade graduation!!! Oh I’m so sad for some of my sweethearts to leave…they are darling…
  • pack up the class, do report cards, go to three Giants games in a row…including a Wine Fest?! Omg please let me meet my husband!! :)

I am most happy about…

  • being able to work out again! yay toegate comes to an end
  • the trainwreck of “The Bachelorette” that is so muy entertaining
  • the end of school!
  • summer weather