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Smartphones. Hrm.

Does your phone affect your relationships? Choose: Huh? What was the question? Someone @replied me on Twitter just now. My phone makes my relationships stronger because it adds more streams of communication and helps me stay in closer touch with... Continue Reading →

I is Kind. I is Smart. I is Important.

When you're a child, you spend most of your time drawing attention to yourself. From your parents, siblings, friends. I teach junior high, and the whole thing is one big competition. It's all "look at me and what I did!"... Continue Reading →

278: Search Thyself – Part 2

There is a sweet tool on WordPress (my blog host) that allows you to see how people stumble (drunkenly, blindly, willingly?) upon your humble blog. The stats also shows you what country people are viewing you I can know... Continue Reading →

Top10 – Reasons I Write

I started this year with a challenge....several actually. New Years always seems like a beautiful chance to start over. But the only thing that truly makes the day different at all is the writing of the full date and indicating... Continue Reading →

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